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Code of Conduct

  • Do not team kill, grief, or intentionally harm your own team in any way

  • Do not harass, threaten, or personally attack the development team or other players​

  • Do not use hateful or offensive language​​

  • Do not use communication tools for purposes other than gameplay​​

  • ​Do not exploit bugs, modify the game client, or use external tools to gain an unfair advantage

  • Do not use alternate accounts to join the opposing alliance or gain an unfair advantage​​

  • ​​Do not abuse the in-game reporting tools

  • ​Do not attempt to circumvent account suspensions/bans

  • ​​Breach of code may result in a ban without warning. Bans are issued at the sole discretion of the development team. All incidents are investigated on a case-by-case basis.

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